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Sculptures for Pilsen

Friday, 20 November 2015 08:58

The Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art realized three sculptures for the public space in Pilsen.

Three sculptures created by young sculptors from the Sculpture and Space studio led by prof. Jiří Beránek are now part of the public space in the first Pilsen district.

title: Freak Show (but the sculpture is nicknamed The Rabbit)
author: Adam Trbusek
The giant concrete sculpture depicting a rabbit holding (and eating) a human torso is the author´s reaction to today´s society trapped in the consumerist way of life which is slowly "eating" and destroying us. The artwork also reflects the famous painting by Goya: Saturn Devouring his Son.

title: The Cube
author: Petr Filip
The giant 4 x 4 m cube placed in the labyrinth of concrete blocks of flats symbolizes interconnection of people in today´s society and also the connection between an individual and the universe.

title: A Little Mistake - Obritreck
author: Benedikt Tolar
Or is it a mistake? A giant metal sculpture resembling an outdoor workout machine reacts to the numerous workout areas where such machines, resembling sculptures to certain extent, wait for somebody to use them.


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