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Situation in Ukraine

Dean's statement 

For two years, we have been facing the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the time has come for a deep breath and liberation from various limiting measures, a new unexpected blow has come. An inexcusable, criminal attack by Putin - Lukashenko forces on a democratic Ukraine. I think we all share the same outrage and distress from the events of the last days. Our Czech / Czechoslovak genotype bears the stigmas of 1938 and 1968 and we are particularly sensitive to such aggression. This is not an attack on one sovereign, democratic and free-thinking country, but on all liberal democracies, free societies, critically thinking artists - each of us. I am convinced that it is not enough to acknowledge that our country and our leaders have en bloc stood up for Ukraine (even those who have served the Putin regime for many years and defended authoritarian interests), but that we must also show our support to all victims of Putin's rage, including brave Russian protesters who openly resist the evil.

In addition to Ukrainian students, our faculty also educates a large group of students of Russian and Belarusian nationality. They have also become part of the conflict, although they do not bear the slightest guilt. They too deserve our helpfulness and impartiality. Their families and friends may now feel the burden of the persecution of their own governments and certainly the consequences of international sanctions. Our faculty remains in solidarity with all our students and strictly rejects the stigmatization of any ethnic group.

I would like to express my thanks to all of you who are actively involved in helping Ukraine, and I wish you a lot of strength. Let´s not lose faith and determination, let´s not turn our attention in another direction. Let´s not allow erosion and violent modifications of the free world map.

Vojtěch Aubrecht

March, 2022

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