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Studios and Institutes


Department of Fine Arts
Head of the Department: Mgr. Jindřich Lukavský, Ph.D.

Audiovisual Art

guarantor of the programme: prof. akad. mal. Jiří Barta

  • Animation Art (BcA./MgA.)
  • Photography (BcA./MgA.)
  • Interactive Design (BcA./MgA.)
  • Media Illustration (BcA./MgA.)
  • Multimedia (BcA./MgA.)

Fine Arts

guarantor of the programme: prof. akad. mal. Mikoláš Axmann

  • Graphic Art (BcA./MgA.)
  • Metalworking and Jewellery (BcA./MgA.)
  • Painting (BcA./MgA.)
  • New Media (BcA./MgA.)
  • Sculpture and Space (BcA./MgA.)

Department of Design
Head of the Department: doc. akad. mal. František Steker 

Design and Applied Arts

guarantor of the programme: doc. MgA. Zdeněk Veverka

  • Furniture and Interior Design (BcA./MgA.)
  • Fashion Design (BcA./MgA.)
  • Ceramic Design (BcA./MgA.)
  • Product Design (BcA./MgA.)
  • Environmental Design for Architecture (BcA./MgA.)
  • Design Modelling (BcA.)
  • Industrial Design (BcA.)

Graphic Design and Illustration

guarantor of the programme: doc. MgA. Kristýna Fišerová

  • Didactic Illustration (BcA./MgA.)
  • Graphic Design and Digital Medai (BcA./MgA.)
  • Graphic Design and Visual Communication (BcA./MgA.)
  • Comics and Illustration for Children (BcA./MgA.)
  • Book Design and Paper Shaping (BcA.)


Other Departments and Institutes

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Art, Design and Advanced Technologies was founded as a part of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in 2020. Its establishment was a strategic step aimed at strengthening the faculty’s long-term professional profile and promoting its focus on interdisciplinary studies. The institute coordinates and manages long-term theoretical research programmes as well as programmes aimed at multidisciplinary activities involving engineering, media and other disciplines. Another significant task of the institute is to systematically support the commercialisation of the faculty’s projects and to monitor the globalized demand and economic and social trends.