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Follow-up master’s programmes

Coming soon: Master´s study programme Visual Arts in English
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We treat students as partners. We will support you in the implementation of your project.

Internship abroad, cooperation on projects derived from the practical experience, pre-incubation and work led by top external experts. A third of your classmates will be from European schools.

The study is the gateway to professional life.

Enter it via studies in one of our studios!

In addition to studies in Czech language, a new Master's study programme in Visual Arts conducted in English will soon be available.

Master's Degree Guidebook / Studies in Czech language

The study is conducted in the Czech language and takes two years. It is possible to study free of charge for three years. The faculty has a credit system and holds an ECTS certificate. This makes it easier for graduates to have their study recognised abroad. The study requires full-time attendance, so we cannot do without your presence. An English language test, which is as difficult as a high school-leaving examination, is required within the study. Every semester, students take a final exam. The final diploma work is practical. After its defence, students take a theoretical exam.

As part of your studies you will be working on a project, with which you applied for the admission procedure. The studies are divided into programmes with specialisations, or in studios, as they are called in art schools. During the first three semesters of study, you choose the so-called “side” studio.

The faculty offers four study programmes, which are organised as follows:

Audiovisual Art: Animation, Photography, Interactive Design, Media Illustration, Multimedia

Design and Applied Arts: Furniture and Interior Design, Fashion Design, Ceramic Design, Product Design, Environmental Design for Architecture

Graphic Design and Illustration: Didactic Illustration, Graphic Design and Digital Media, Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Comics and Illustration for Children

Fine Arts: Graphic Art, Metalworking and Jewellery, Painting, New Media, Sculpture and Space

In all the important areas, students are guided by the Study Department and the university’s International Office.