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Lifelong Learning

John Everett Millais started painting as a four-year-old and was admitted to the Royal Academy of Arts, London, when he was eleven. Anna Mary Robertson Moses started to paint when she was seventy-eight, and she had never studied anything. How about you?

Lifelong learning courses are intended for people of various ages, specialisations and previous education. Our approach to each of the participants is very individual, especially where teaching is not carried out in large groups.

The courses are intended for those interested in full-time study, those of you who are engaged in art at the hobby level, as well as professionals who want to stay in touch with the development in their field.

During the course, you will have full faculty facilities available, just like full-time students. You will be able to use the equipment that is available for the regular classes. For practical courses, you will take your work home after you have finished your lessons. However, your requirements and the teacher's concept need to be clarified right at the beginning of your joint work.

The successful graduates of the individual courses will receive a Certificate of credit signed by the Rector of the University of West Bohemia and the Dean of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art. In case you start full-time study at the faculty, you can ask for recognition of the completed courses and credits.

Depending on your time possibilities and interests you can choose from a number of courses which take place during the academic year (in Czech language) or opt for ArtCamp summer school (many courses also in English) and enjoy your creative time at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art.

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