Statistical evidence proves that the University of West Bohemia is one of the most successful universities in the Czech Republic. We do, however, have a more visible criterion: the admirable successes of our students in many technical fields, humanities, arts, and the field of health care. We do our best to nurture our students’ talents and abilities.

We do not close ourselves off to the surrounding world. Every student has a chance to build his/her own study programme according to their interests, to get excellent language training, study abroad, get involved in research programmes, and put their knowledge to the test.

And we will be equally happy if our students remember the students’ festivals, victories in sports, open-air concerts, or just moments spent with friends drinking draught beer. We prepare our students for life in all its fullness.

Once upon a time in the west

It all started with technology, as was typical in an industrial region. Our university was established on the foundations laid by the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and the Faculty of Education.

University family

We have a life outside the lecture rooms, too. We enjoy football or hockey matches and do not turn down a chilled beer, especially when your keg is tapped by the Rector himself.

Full speed ahead

Youth brings about revolutionary changes and fresh ideas. We add our experience and create space for students´ dreams to come true.  It is a fight, but we are on a victory path.