Graphic Design and Illustration

Didactic Illustration

Studio head: akad. mal. Renáta Fučíková
Assistant:  MgA. Eva Bartošová

Uniquely, the studio focuses on non-fiction illustration, which is currently enjoying a great boom. Students primarily prepare for their professional career through joint projects. They learn how to convey information through images and compile it into a communicative and artistically demanding whole.

Renáta Fučíková, the studio’s head, lets her students explore their own paths and only guides them in their development. A variety of artistic expressions is developed in the studio. Students publish and exhibit together and individually, at home and abroad.

Notable recent projects:
Czech Winter, Albatros publishing house, 2018, exhibited in Seoul and Sarajevo.
The Good 100, Euromedia publishing house, 2018, exhibited in Washington and Chicago.
Heroines, Euromedia publishing hosue, 2020, presented in thirty countries of the world through cooperation with the Czech Centres, received a professional award The Golden Ribbon.
Pilseñ, published by the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, 2018, presented in Chicago.
Mysterious Bond, published by the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, 2020, presented in Prague.
Velvet Effect 1988 - 1993, Albatros publishing house, 2020, received the Albatros Publishing House Award.
Mia, Albatros publishing house, 2021

The studio also received a special award at the Zagreb Biennial of Illustration. Veronika Bilkova´s Diploma Thesis Beethoven (published by Verzone, 2020) received an Honorary Mention at the Bratislava Biennial of Illustration 2021. The studio creates educational expositions for important historical buildings such as the Lobkowicz Palace at the Prague Castle, the Hussite Museum in Tabor and the Strahov Monastery in Prague. It also presents its work at various international professional events such as the Bologna Book Fair (2019) and the Book World Prague (2021). The students create postal stamp designs for the Czech Post.

Graphic Design and Digital Media

Studio head: doc. akad. mal. Ditta Jiřičková
Assistant: MgA. Tereza Kovářová

In the studio, we start from the very beginning: a point, a line, a plane, a space... That is the first semester-long task in the first year. Black and white.

By impregnating a plane, a point is created which evolves into a line, a line that structures the plane, two crossing lines create a space, the illusion of a space... The expression of these elements may be organic and spontaneous, or constructed and rational.

Graphic design is an omnipresent discipline that cannot be covered by a simple definition. It oscillates in the tension between the following concepts: Topical or eternal? High or low? Trendy or timeless? We keep moving in different worlds and in different time dimensions at the same time...

Graphic design “is the intersection point between art and communication” (Philippe Apeloig). Its form serves a function, its strong expressive elements evoke emotions. It uses timeless means of expression and poses new challenges in the field of modern technologies. It searches for universally shared values, but allows us to apply individual, subversive approaches at the same time. Graphic design has its iconic stars and lots of excellent craftsmen.

In our studio, we are also concerned with the anatomy of colours; we observe the expression of personally selected themes through the typographic grid to see where image and text are used in artist’s books. We analyse the whole creative process, putting the accent on the clarity of the message conveyed by the final product.

Motion design, web design, emphasis on typography – these are all comprehensive disciplines packed into a three-year long Bachelor’s programme.

Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Bachelor´s Degree Programme

Studio heads: doc. akad. mal. František Steker, prof. akad. mal. Karel Míšek, Ph.D.
Assistant: MgA. Jakub Konupka

The students of the Graphic Design and Visual Communication Studio develop and experimentally verify methods in the process of creation of communication instruments. The courses include typography, photography, digital graphic instruments, animation, drawing, painting, modelling, printing, audio-visual technologies and information networks. During their studies, the students create drafts of various visual objects (logos, books, student books, catalogues, packaging, posters). The curriculum puts great emphasis on comprehensive communication projects focused for example on visual corporate identity, orientation systems in buildings and public spaces, visual style of cultural and social events, media campaigns, spatial organisation of art exhibitions and museums etc.

The students can spend a semester at another art school abroad and take part in a range of international creative workshops. The studio has recently organized a creative design workshop with the Danish designer Rikke Hansen and a weeklong working session focused on posters and infographics with the Mexican graphic designer Eduardo Barrera.

The students’ designs and products have been presented at various competitions and specialized exhibitions across the Czech Republic as well as in other European countries, in the USA and Mexico. Kateřina Puncmannová won the first prize in the international Model Young Package 2017 competition for her design of a paintbrush and was also nominated for the Student Design National Award 2018. That was the same competition at which another student of our studio, Soňa Juríková, received the Excellent Student Design Award for her original reading book, winning also the Albatros Media Publishing House Award.

Master´s Degree Programme

Studio heads: doc. MgA. Kristina Fišerová, prof. akad. mal. Rostislav Vaněk

The Master‘s degree programme prepares students to become independent creative designers capable of responding to any graphical assignment, communicating in the designated space, and processing the task in detail. It emphasizes the ability to discuss, articulate and defend their work. In addition to non-specific, semester-long tasks, always based on conveying information and on communication, students work on a number of shorter assignments, often in cooperation with real promoters, or participate in workshops led by external guests. The study is based on the mutual discussion of the whole studio about common tasks, its subject is the whole range of graphic design, creative freedom, responsibility and reflection.

Comics and Illustration for Children

Studio head: MgA. Marie Kohoutová
Assistant: MgA. Eva Hudečková

The studio in its current form was founded in 2011, covering all comic genres. In the Master’s programme, the students go on to work on game and web comics and on projects featuring animation. The curriculum encompasses also a semester course dedicated to storyboarding. Another major area of the studio’s focus is illustration, primarily aiming at children and the youth. The courses cover, among other things, creative writing (taught by the author Dana Emingerová) and the creation of 3D objects (toys, games, figures, puppets and everything else that fascinates children and amuses grown-ups). The Book section includes the production of pop-up books – a discipline that is very popular with our students. In the Master’s degree programme, we create pop-up books for adults. Cooperating with the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in the past years, we have started working with motion illustration, which we use for our comics. Our studio takes part in competitions and cooperates with commercial clients.

Book Design and Paper Shaping

Studio head: MgA. Mgr. Petra Soukupová
Assistant: MgA. Eva Majerová

The studio focuses primarily on creating books. The students are given individual tasks that require them to deal with books as comprehensive projects that include illustrations, graphic design, typography as well as technical and artisanal processing. That way the students create the entire books on their own. We create books with perfect or section sewn binding, books bound by Japanese or accordion binding and also more complicated spatial pop-up books. The study programme includes also packaging design, i.e. the creation of book cases / covers (the case is usually an integral part of the book) and other items.

The students get acquainted with new technologies and various materials such as paper, plastic, leather and textiles, which is a great asset not only for the creation of books and covers, but generally for their future professional life. The studio has very good technical facilities that are accessible to the students throughout the whole day, even outside the class time. The atmosphere in the studio is very pleasant. The students cooperate with their older and younger colleagues as well as with students from the Illustration or Graphic Design studios, whose teachers they regularly contact for consultations.

Artist’s books created by our students have earned numerous awards at the Bookbinding Triennial and other prestigious competitions. We participate in student exhibitions, such as the very successful traveling exhibition Hele kniha (“Look, a book”), where we present our work together with other studios of the Sutnar Faculty.