Audiovisual Art

Animation Art

Studio heads: prof. akad. mal. Jiří Barta, doc. MgA. Vojtěch Domlátil
Assistant: MgA. Vojtěch Kočí 

The Animation Art Studio, headed by Jiří Barta and Vojtěch Domlátil, represents a creative combination of classical animation technologies and contemporary digital and interactive production, bringing together traditional narrative practices and experimental approaches. We give our students a lot of freedom in terms of technique, visual style and the overall focus during their studies. Besides original animated films that receive awards at prestigious animation festivals around the globe, we produce also commercial forms such as jingles, advertisements, motion design, smaller interactive projects and computer games in cooperation with the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague.

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Studio head: Mgr. Libuše Jarcovjáková
Assistants: MgA. Vojtěch Aubrecht, MgA. Barbora Mrázková, Ph.D.

Probably billions of photos are taken worldwide every day.

Particularly due to digitalization, their numbers keep growing almost exponentially. Photos kept in various types of digital storage devices have outnumbered – or will certainly soon outnumber – all drawings and paintings ever created by mankind. Photos have become a natural part of our everyday life and our communication.

Is it at all possible to create something new in the middle of such a visual abundance?

To develop a unique kind of expression and an individual style?

Is it possible to appeal to the viewer by a pure and honest form?

This is the kind of questions the Photography Studio keeps asking.

In our studio, there are no limits to photographic style, genre and technical processing. A mixture of in-house teachers and a number of visiting scholars ensure a plurality of views.

Our way is searching. 

Interactive Design

Studio head: MgA. Jan Kokolia
Assistant: MgA. Michal Pustějovský

Interactive design in the 21st century is what graphic design was in the 20th century. Various forms of interactivity have become an integral and style-forming part of the work of graphic designers. Interactive design as a discipline uses a broad range of instruments that push the limits of the creation of visual identity and extend the designers’ creative potential.

The studio focuses on various dynamic forms of interactive design ranging from motion and web design to mobile apps and game design. The graduates should be aware of the creative potential provided by the individual media and should be able to use them in an original way. Interactive design is one of the most in-demand professions in the Czech Republic and the studio graduates thus have a unique chance to pursue a career in this field.

Media Illustration

Studio head: MgA. Ing. Václav Šlajch
Assistant: MgA. Dominika Lizoňová

We see illustration as a perfect means of telling stories, using both classical art techniques and modern digital technologies. We work on interactive projects that include illustrations for videogames (character design, level design, layout, UI), designs for augmented reality as well as concepts for interactive exhibitions. Our students get acquainted with traditional graphic art, but also receive a solid background in software skills (3D modelling, basics in animation, motion capture, sound design), which allows them to work in teams and create independent games and other interactive projects.

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Studio heads: MgA. Viktor Takáč, Ph.D., MgA. Milan Mazúr, Ph.D.

The Multimedia Studio provides a space for progressive creative approaches across various media in the context of contemporary art and motion picture. We encourage constructive critical analysis, speculation, engagement, invention and experiments. The study programme is based on collective discussions, cooperation and joint reflections on art and its interaction with other disciplines. We strive to create a safe empathetic environment in which we jointly develop a deeper understanding of the topics selected for each semester and explore the individual motivations of the students. Applying various approaches to video, film image, installation, virtual reality and other media, we search for various means of expression of a distinctive visual language. Our Multilab platform serves as an auxiliary lab which allows the students to experiment with the camera, lighting, sound, space and scene in a real, hybrid or virtual environment.