International Summer School of Art at the Sutnar Faculty. Come and experience a creative summer in Pilsen.
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About ArtCamp

ArtCamp 2024 will take place 8 - 26 July, 2024.

The ArtCamp International Summer School of Art has been giving Czech and foreign art supporters the opportunity to spend a part of their summer in a creative and inspiring environment, discover or develop their talents, meet interesting Czech and foreign artists, and prepare for art university examinations.

During the courses taught by the Sutnar Faculty teachers as well as visiting Czech and foreign artists, participants of various age groups, ethnicities, and specialities meet and create together. The teaching takes place in studios as well as in the open air, usually in the Czech and English languages. The courses are suitable for the general public from beginners to advanced participants, as well as for the current and future students of art fields (the cut-off age is 15 years old - grammar school student).

Participants can choose from a wide range of courses and choose according to their own interest and focus a suitable combination of courses and the length of their summer study at the Sutnar Faculty. The most popular are the annual preparatory courses for talent exams at universities (e.g. Figural Drawing, Illustration, Fashion Design, or Design). The photographic courses are equally popular and today courses in high demand focus on graphic design, and work with programs allowing 3D modelling, interior design and jewellery creation, for example. Our offer also includes the traditional creative techniques, such as drawing, painting, bookbinding, etc.