Discounts? Of course!

Tuition Discount

Although one’s summer studies at Sutnar Faculty are a priceless experience, some discount will definitely come in handy, right?

If you decide to take multiple summer school courses, you will enjoy a pleasant discount on the total amount of your course tuition:

Two one-week courses / 10% discount
Full three weeks at the ArtCamp / 20% discount

Free Course

Free summer school course? Even that is possible.

You can win a free course if you participate in the Teendesign art competition as a secondary or higher vocational school student.

Your other chance to win comes with the international competition titled International Student Design Award organised by Design Cabinet CZ, z. s. together with the SUTNAR - RADOSLAV AND ELAINE SUTNAR FOUNDATION, DEPO2015, professional institutions, professional organisations, and participating universities and colleges. The competition is intended for universities, colleges, higher vocational schools, secondary vocational schools, and professional schools with studies of design, architecture, artistic crafts, fine arts, and related fields in the Czech Republic and abroad.