Accommodation Prices

The next year of the ArtCamp summer school will take place in July 2022. The accommodation price list will be available following the start of registrations.

For out-of-Pilsen participants, it is possible to provide accommodation at the Bolevecká University dormitory near the city centre.

In the case of dormitory accommodation provided by our faculty, a uniform price of accommodation (6 nights, from Sunday to the next Saturday) is set, and the participant books and pays for his accommodation in advance. If the participant stays for more than one week, a night from Saturday to Sunday between the two accommodation periods will be added to the price. 

Unfortunately, if you do not use some of your prepaid nights for any reason, it is not possible to deduct their price.

Please do not forget to fill in the request for accommodation in the Registration form.

If you wish to share your room with a particular person please use the Accommodation Note section of the Registration form for this requirement.

It is always necessary to arrive on the Sunday afternoon before the start of the first course and to leave on Saturday morning after the end of the last course. 

Two-bedroom suite = two rooms with shared bathroom facilities
All the rooms are non-smoking.

Bolevecká University Dormitories – Student rooms

Single room in a two-bedroom suite
Double room in a  two-bedroom suite

Bolevecká University Dormitories – Hotel rooms

Hotel type one-bed room with accessories and TV 
Hotel type double-bed room with accessories and TV