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Multimedia and Interactivity

The purpose of our activities is to cultivate overlaps between art and technology.

Multimedia is a unique field with a horizontal character overlapping into various artistic and technological disciplines. In our studio Multilab, you can see the work of students with digital media bordering with technological inventions and also elaborate and expert techniques of painting and drawing. We focus on work with multimedia and its application mainly in digital photography, film, video, audio and data carriers.

Interactivity as a field can use various tools to expand the boundaries of building visual identities and providing designers with a wide creative potential. We focus on various dynamic forms of interactive design from Motion through web to mobile apps and game design.

The purpose is to explore and further cultivate overlaps between various fields of fine art and technology and support practical sustainability of outputs. An important element is the ability to experiment with multimedia and its overlaps and explore possibilities of contemporary means of expression. In our studio, you can use high-quality recording equipment and also a 160 sq. m. greenscreen studio Multilab with lighting and motion capture possibilities.

Exhibitions: Ars Electronica - AU, Blik blik festival, Design blok Praha, Museum Night, Day of Science and Technology, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague Design Week, Lighting Festival, ROXY Visuals the Fusion Hotel, Finále Plzeň, Let it Roll, Danube Dialogues - SRB, 5sur5 – BE


Interactive Design

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