Sustainable design

Our design responds to the challenges of contemporary world related to environmental and social sustainability.

New generation of designers cannot limit their ideas to the aesthetic level. Production is oriented towards ethical and environmentally and socially sustainable products. The main goal of our work isn’t only sharing information which can be easily found thanks to modern technology, but also searching for connections and a thorough analysis which would help us to take a stance and express original ideas and visions including solutions of the challenges our society faces.

Designers’ work is fuelled by the ongoing ecological crisis and the effort to transform raw materials to a source of aesthetic and functional delight. That is expressed in a certain kind of sensitivity which leads to an effective work with materials, perfect source management and minimalism. In the context of sustainability, this approach is strongly oriented towards the search for specific raw materials which are becoming the foundation of alternative production. We believe that design can help solve everyday problems as well as serious social issues. It can shape space, provide comfort and satisfy needs. We perceive design not only as practical and useful, we also believe in its ability and power to provoke emotions, be expressive as an artwork and precise as a well-functioning machine. Our work is about experimenting and finding conceptual solutions overlapping with arts, crafts and new technologies.

Collaborations: Ibis Hotel Pilsen, Arbyd CZ s.r.o., Officity, BB plasty, Proceram, Bosch, Daikin, Avatar Festival, Depo 2015, Ikea CZ, Gravelli, Betton, Creer, RePlast, Ecco Slovakia, Inc.

Exhibitions: Design week_Plzeň, Blik Blik festival Depo 2015_Plzeň, Avatar festival _Plzeň, Nov vědců_ Plzeň, DesignBlok_Praha, Czech design week_Praha, Mobitex_Brno, Kruhy na vode – Úľuv_Bratislava, Budapešť, Varšava, Design without borders, Meet Design_Budapešť 

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