Art of Crossing Borders

Unique combination of art, design and technologies

The Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art forms an integral part of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. It offers to its students unique possibilities of collaboration with faculties focusing on technical fields and humanities as well as with research centres focusing on future mobility, integrated design, interactivity, materials and sustainability in all its forms. The Faculty explores integrated, intelligent, sustainable and effective solutions for society and all its needs in the 21st century.

The openness of the faculty is inspired by the artistic, industrial and architectonic roots of Pilsen and Central Europe (Bauhaus) and is designed as a single space of a factory for art. The students work in integrated open space studios and are encouraged to communicate, cooperate and exceed the boundaries of their fields and the faculty. Since the very beginning of their studies, they learn to adopt a perspective on realisation of final products and creative usage of the whole technology spectre, media and engineering methods.

The name Ladislav Sutnar, which the faculty proudly bears, personifies its values. Sutnar, who was born in Pilsen, is known as one of the pioneers of graphic and visual design, thinker, designer, populariser, lecturer of good taste and an uncompromising designer who still inspires the world today.