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Do studies at Sutnar Faculty sound appealing? Then you are at the right place.

All the bachelor’s degree programmes at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art are accredited and taught in Czech language.
The standard duration of bachelor’s studies in all our study programmes and their specialisations is 4 years.
The bachelor's study is in the regular attendance format, and the BcA. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree is earned upon successful completion of the studies.

Foreign applicants may use the Czech language preparatory courses provided by the Institute of Language Training of the University of West Bohemia.

BcA. study admission requirements

The following requirements apply to the study admission:

  • Submission of a duly completed electronic application, including mandatory attachments / homework e-portfolio,
  • Payment of the administrative fee for the admission procedure,
  • Successful passing of the talent entrance examination.

How to Apply


  • Applications accepted only electronically, at eprihlaska.zcu.cz
  • Fill out the required information; it is not necessary to provide your high school grades
  • Upload attachments – electronic portfolio of your artwork. The portfolio format is determined by individual studios, please check the requirements before submitting. You should have your portfolio ready before you start filling out the application.
  • Medical certificate is not required

It is only possible to submit one application to one studio or programme. Therefore, careful preparation is better than shooting from the hip. Browse the websites of the studios and artists who lead them, come to the Open Day, try the preparatory courses at the ArtCamp summer school, or book a free consultation with a selected teacher.

If the studio committee does not evaluate your portfolio or style of work as suitable for admission to the studio of your choice, do not despair. You still have a chance. Your work will also be assessed by other studio committees within the whole programme. Therefore, when considering the application, also research the other studios forming the entire study programme.


Administrative fee amount: CZK 500

Payment can be made via:

  • Bank transfer,
  • Payment gateway,
  • Depositing cash into the account at the bank counter.

Bank transfer information:


Bank code: 0100

IBAN: CZ8101000000004811530257

Variable symbol: 4175 0001 21

Specific symbol: Applicant ID number generated by the system after the application submission

The Talent Exam

The talent exam has two rounds where the first part is carried out remotely and the second in attendance.

In the first part, the studio committees evaluate the submitted electronic portfolios. This part serves for indicative raw classification. Almost half of you will be invited to the second round to test your skills in more detail. In the course of three days, you will be performing the assigned tasks directly at the faculty. The studio committees will also examine your portfolio of electronically submitted work. Of course, this only applies to work that you are able to bring by yourself. This is firstly done for “authentication” purposes and secondly because electronic information is often distorted. The faculty committee then decides on the study admission.



Every study applicant and Sutnar Faculty student is eligible to apply for dormitory accommodation. The application must be submitted for each academic year separately. The nearest dormitories are about a 15-minute walk from the Bory university campus.

Please refer to the International Office webpage for incoming foreign students for more information.

Unicity Living

If you prefer a higher standard of living, you can find private accommodation anywhere in the city or use the Unicity Living residential complex located near the university campus.

The Entrance Exam is Over. What Now?

Upon admission, a high school diploma must be provided. Applicants who have obtained secondary education completed by a high school-leaving examination abroad shall submit in the Czech language the Nostrification clause on recognition of the validity of a foreign document on education achievement in the Czech Republic, including the Decision on recognition of the validity of foreign report cards in the Czech Republic.