Art is Science, Science is Art

Freedom in creation, self-realisation, enthusiastic acceptance. For many people, this is often a life-long search. Some are fortunate to become professionals. Do you feel talent and strength waiting to be awakened? You are at the right place!
Our Studios Studies in English

“And the industry’s main creative energy focuses on human values, such as sincerity, honesty and faith in the meaning of one’s own work, as well as on people who put new experiments that open up the future above material benefits.” Ladislav Sutnar

The aforementioned statement of Ladislav Sutnar can easily be perceived as our faculty's motto. We are also striving to open the future, encourage students to enjoy experimentation, and apply critical consideration of values that need to be maintained and constantly reviewed. And, above all, believe in a person who, even at the time of the development of new technologies, artificial intelligence, relativisation and fluctuation of certainties, remains a touchstone and momentum of searching for the value and meaning of the world. The top artist or designer has the task of becoming a beacon that illuminates the path for society. Even though it is often vague and indistinct, and not with a single truth patent. However, always with sincere courage and faith in searching for hope, meaning and continuation. As Ladislav Sutnar had strived for during his lifetime.

We invite you to joint us in this quest.