Accommodation and Meals

During the summer school, you can take advantage of the option of accommodation at university dormitories and meals in the university cafeteria.


For out-of-Pilsen participants, it is possible to provide accommodation at the Máchova university dormitory located near the campus where ArtCamp takes place - the Sutnar Faculty is a 15-minute walk or 3 tram/bus stops away from the dormitory (tram no 4, bus no 24 and 30).

Due to the location of the Máchova dormitory in relation to the city center we highly recommend ordering your public transportation pass during your registration.

Participants can choose between two types of accommodation - in two-bedroom suites (two rooms have shared bathroom facilities) and hotel-type rooms with a bathroom and TV. All rooms are equipped with refrigerators. There is a shared kitchenon each floor, even for hotel rooms. You need to bring your own dishes.

You can see the rooms at the dormitory website.

Due to the limited accommodation capacity, we recommend that you make a payment for your participation in the summer school, including accommodation, as soon as possible (the date of payment is decisive, not your registration date). If the capacity of the hotel rooms is full, the participants will be provided with shared facility rooms after a prior agreement.

For those interested in a different type of accommodation, the city of Pilsen, of course, offers a number of other options. You can find an overview of accommodation facilities, for example, at or

In the case of dormitory accommodation provided by our faculty, a uniform price of accommodation (6 nights, from Sunday to the next Saturday) is set, and the participant books and pays for his accommodation in advance. If the participant stays for more than one week, a night from Saturday to Sunday between the two accommodation periods will be added to the price. 

Unfortunately, if you do not use some of your prepaid nights for any reason, it is not possible to deduct their price.

Please do not forget to fill in the request for accommodation in the Registration form.


University dormitory accommodation

Accommodation dates:
for each week of the summer school, always the Sunday before the start of the course until the Saturday after the end of the course - i.e. 6 nights. In the case of a longer stay, the extra night from Saturday to Sunday will be added.

Máchova 20 University dormitory (B2 – Bory)
301 00 Pilsen

Check-in: Sunday 2–7 p.m.
Check-out: Saturday by 10:00 a.m.

If you wish to share your room with a particular person please use the Accommodation Note section of the Registration form for this requirement.

A refundable deposit of CZK 1 500 (in cash) will be collected from participants staying at the university dormitory on the day of their arrival and registration for accommodation. Upon making this deposit, the participant will receive his room key and pass, which he will use to identify himself at the dormitory reception during the stay. The deposit will be refunded at the end of one’s stay, provided the room is not damaged and the key is not lost.

In the case of accommodation at the university dormitory, a lower subsidised price according to the UWB price list will apply to UWB students. The UWB students pay for their accommodation at the dormitory reception on the day of their arrival (you will present your JIS card). Please indicate your interest in this type of accommodation when registering for your summer school courses in the Accommodation Note section.

For organisational reasons, please, plan your arrival to Pilsen on Sunday between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Your departure is expected on Saturday with the need to vacate the room and return the keys by 10 a.m. If you cannot meet these times, it is necessary to agree on an alternative arrangement in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

All the rooms are non-smoking.

The Máchova 20 dormitory is located near public transport and at approximately 15-minute walking distance from the university campus. This dormitory offers two types of accommodation:

A) Student rooms

It is a student-type accommodation with two rooms sharing a bathroom and toilet. There is a shared kitchen on each floor. Bed linens as well as towels are available, but please bring your own basic dishes. WiFi connection is available throughout the dormitory.

B) Hotel rooms

The hotel-type rooms offer a higher standard of accommodation than the classic student rooms.

You can choose between a single and double room with its own bathroom and TV. Bed linens and towels are available, rooms are equipped with a refrigerator and WiFi connection.

Accommodation pricelist / Máchova Dormitory

Prices for 2023 

Student rooms shared bathroom facilities

Single room in a two-bedroom suite / 6 nights / 124 EUR 

Double room in a  two-bedroom suite / 6 nights / 88 EUR

Hotel rooms

Hotel type one-bed room with TV and private bathroom / 6 nights / 182 EUR

Hotel type double-bed room with TV and private bathroom / 6 nights / 157 EUR


On weekdays you can have lunch in the cafeteria, which is located on the university campus in Pilsen - Bory.

Prices will range from CZK 100 to 160 for the main course (with the option to buy drinks, salads, desserts, soup, etc.) and are paid in cash or by card directly in the cafeteria. The UWB students can pay in the same way as during their academic year by using their JIS card.

There is also a café on the university premises where sandwiches, drinks, and other refreshments can be purchased. Near the university campus, there is a Tesco department store with numerous cafés and restaurants.

We provide no breakfasts, dinners, or dining on weekends.