Public transport pass - information and prices

Detailed information on the city mass transportation system in Pilsen and tariffs can be found on the Pilsen City Transport Companies' website. 

Using your public transport pass is the cheapest option for transportation in Pilsen. We recommend that the participants of our summer school, especially those in open-air courses, obtain this card for the duration of their stay in Pilsen, as it will allow them to travel unlimitedly on Pilsen trams, buses, and trolleybuses.

Public transport pass price 

Discounted (for those up to age 25 at the time of your ArtCamp participation) / 6 EUR 
Full-price (for those age 26 or older at the time of your ArtCamp participation)  / 12 EUR

The validity of your transport pass corresponds to your accommodation dates, meaning for each week of your summer school, always the Sunday before the start of the course until the Saturday after the end of your course.

You will pay for your Pilsen public transport pass in advance together with your course tuition and accommodation payment.

You will receive your pass upon your arrival at the place of accommodation, or at the school on the day of the course (until then, it will be necessary to use one-time tickets purchased at a news stand or in public transport vehicles from the driver). No photo is needed. Together with your transport pass, you will present your personal ID card to a ticket inspector, if requested. If you are interested in using this card for the duration of your stay in Pilsen, state this in your registration form.

Caution: Later additional orders of public transportation passes will not be accepted!

Another option is to purchase one-time tickets at news stands. (The price of a non-transfer ticket is CZK 22).

Directly in the public transportation vehicles, you can purchase transfer tickets using a prepaid card, known as the Pilsen Card, or Tourist Ticket, or using your contactless credit or debit card. 

It is also possible to purchase a transfer ticket via SMS (valid for 35 minutes for CZK 24 or 24 hours for CZK 84).