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International Exhibitions

Sutnar Faculty´s international profile is manifested through the prestigious Ladislav Sutnar Prize, its involvement in recurrent interregional collaborations, the inviting of guest teachers and experts with whom long-term co-operations have been established, and the professional management of projects that motivate a progressive dialogue with the international scene. Besides numerous international projects initiated and led by the faculty´s  management and curator Jan Van Woensel, studio leaders also develop projects that tour around the world via the Czech Centers and that place Sutnarka’s new generation of artists and designers in the spotlight.

Several noteworthy international exhibitions and projects took place in Pilsen and Prague (CZ), Ghent (BE), Berlin (DE), Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (IL), and, New York and Chicago (USA).

Selected exhibition projects

Vojtěch Aubrecht - Intervals of Seeing

Intervals of Seeing is the title of a travelling and constantly changing exhibition that reflects on the work of Vojtěch Aubrecht, an artist and teacher at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, through the conceptual view of curator Jan Van Woensel. The exhibition, which is their first common project, started at the Sherover Gallery in Jerusalem and then moved to the Špillar Brothers Gallery at the Chodsko Region Museum in Domažlice, where the artist Monika Havlíčková was invited to participate.

In his work, Vojtěch Aubrecht creates suggestive narratives in which time and space are manipulated to evoke a tension between reality and visions. Each of his photographic works represents a unique and dynamic universe that may seem incomprehensible to the accidental passer-by but intrigues the slow observer. Time and its causal circumstances are the central theme of Intervals of Seeing.