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[Anti-] Sound [Post-] Language

Artistic movements in their own right, sound art and language-based art are no strangers in modern and contemporary art history. Unlike other disciplines, they systematically receive less attention, which places them in an interesting outsider’s position. The multimedia exhibition [Anti-] Sound [Post-] Language displays the artworks of students, graduates and teachers of the studios of Multimedia, New Media, Animation Design, Interactive Design, Painting, and Sculpture and Space of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art. Curator: Jan Van Woensel

When: 20 June ‒ 1 September 2024          
Opening: 19 June 2024, 5 PM   
Opening times: Tue‒Sun 10‒12 AM, 12:30‒6 AM       
Where: Galerie města Plzně, nám. Republiky 40, Plzeň