Significant Projects

Shapes: Venus / The iconic Venus paintings are the subject of a tripartite international project that brings together not only experts on Ladislav Sutnar´s oeuvre but also students of art universities.

Shapes: Venus

Shapes: Venus is a new ambitious project of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art and its Ladislav Sutnar Gallery that honors the work and legacy of Pilsen’s native Ladislav Sutnar.

The project consists of three events:

  1. Shapes: Venus exhibition / 6 April - 14 May 2022 / Ladislav Sutnar Gallery
  2. Hybrid conference and official open call for students of art universities / 27 April 2022 / Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art
  3. Exhibition presenting the open call outcomes / September, October 2022 / Incubator Gallery, Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art

Opening of the project and exhibition: 6 April 2022 at 6 p.m., Ladislav Sutnar Gallery

The exhibition “Shapes: Venus” brings together artworks that reflect on the well-known 1960’s and ‘70’s paintings of Sutnar. Students from Sutnar Faculty´s studios of Photography, Fashion Design and Metal and Jewelry Design, display their work alongside typography designs from students of Steven Heller at the School of Visual Arts, NYC, and never before shown original artworks of Ladislav Sutnar: photographic materials, paintings, sketches and designs.

On 27 April, a hybrid conference on the subject of the Venus paintings will bring together experts of the oeuvre of Ladislav Sutnar, including: Caitlin Condell, Cynthia Trope, Steven Heller, Tomáš Vlček, and others. The conference also serves as the announcement of an open call to reflect on the paintings of Sutnar. The international open call invites students to explore the nooks and crannies of Ladislav Sutnar’s Venus paintings, their content, source materials, photography, sketches and drawings, work methodology, geometry, pallet, the artist’s formal approach, painting technique, titles, atmosphere, the celebration of the young, the painting’s envisioned idea of perfection; as well as to critically respond to them from theoretical perspectives, which can include: art history, art criticism, social history, feminism, gender identity and representation, media studies, psychology, transcendentalism, etc.

Contributions to the “Shapes: Venus” open call will be brought together in an international student exhibition in the Incubator Gallery at the beginning of the academic year, in September and October 2022, and in a publication designed by Kristýna Fišerová and Rostislav Vaněk. This third and final part of the “Shapes: Venus” project, will include students from the University of Art and Design, Linz; Holon Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv; Haute École Louvain en Hainaut Mons, Belgium, Columbia College (department of Photography), Chicago, USA; and the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, Pilsen.

The “Shapes: Venus” project is curated by Jan Van Woensel.
For more information and to find out the details of the open call, please contact Martina Havlová at